How Mixed Flowing Gas Testing Helps You Predict the Future

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June 16, 2021

Do you want to be able to predict the future? With mixed flowing gas test, you can accelerate the aging process. The test works by mixing different types of gases in a chamber can simulate the effects of atmospheric pollutants. With this test, you can learn exactly how your product will perform in the future, often 10-15 years in the future.Given the importance of accelerated aging the automotive industry, I figured you might like this white paper on mixed flowing gas testing. As you read it, you can benefit from:

  • Learn How the Mixed Flowing Gas Corrosion Test Works
  • Identify the Standard Best Suited for Your Product
  • Learn How to Get Help with Accelerated Aging

Click the button below to download the white paper—discover the what mixed flowing gas testing is all about.Download Now

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