Earth-Shaking Spectral Dynamics Testing

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May 25, 2021

How do you make the impossible possible? When it comes to testing for NASA’s Artemis program, you need to push the limits to what’s possible. After all, the Space Launch System at the heart of the Artemis program is the largest rocket ever built. As a result, testing for SLS is taking on new challenges—and spectral dynamics testing is no different.To test spectral dynamics of the SLS rocket, NTS implemented multiple input output (MIMO) and multiple input single output (MISO) control strategies to control the two vibration exciters. To facilitate this testing, NTS worked with one of the vibration controller vendors to confirm each of the MIMO profiles.On the verge of the test, many technical experts suggested this might not be possible. What came next was a sight to behold. During the test the entire building shook, even with a seismically isolated reaction mass of 40’ X 20’ X 6’ solid concrete. In other words, the testing literally shook the earth!All parties were impressed with the outcome as the test perfectly validated the integrity of the controllers under extreme conditions. At NTS, anything is possible.

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