How Auto-Tech Is Transforming the Automotive Industry

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May 20, 2021

The automotive industry is changing—and electric vehicles are at the forefront of a seismic shift that’s taking the industry by storm. But there’s more to the story. AutoTech, as described in a recent story in the Wall Street Journal, is a transformative phenomenon that will change everything from manufacturing, testing, and consumption. And, it will have an impact of how we deal with geopolitical rivals.What exactly is AutoTech? According to Daniel Yergin, Vice Charmain of the billion-dollar information company IHS Markit, AutoTech refers to the convergence electric vehicles, self-driving cars, and ride hailing services. Collectively, these areas of automotive technology will create an entirely new car economy that might not even be recognizable in the future.On the testing front, labs around the world need to adapt to a completely different automotive market, offering services that meet stricter government compliance criteria while addressing new technological shifts. At NTS, for example, we’re providing a wide range of lithium-ion battery tests and autonomous vehicle services to facilitate a faster path to market.Speed to market is key—and a one-stop test lab can put you on the fast track to entering global markets as demand for electric vehicles continues to increase. As a result, NTS not only provides lithium-ion battery testing, but also dynamometer testing, climatic simulations, electro-dynamic vibration, gravelometer, testing, and EMI/EMC services to name a few. Take a moment to see how we’re playing role in a changing industry by offering advanced automotive test services for electric, autonomous, and traditional vehicles.Learn More

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