EV Market Hits Fever Pitch in US and Canada

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March 23, 2021

Is electrification on your mind? The world is racing towards the electric vehicle market at a record pace, which is expected to top $140.29 billion by 2027. And seemingly everyone is jockeying for pole position. Even the White House is planning to get in on the action with a plan to replace its entire fleet with electric models. And that’s a whopping 645,000 vehicles.Meanwhile, in Canada sales are soaring, even in the midst of a pandemic. In fact, electric vehicle sales jumped from 9,069 in Q2 2020 to 18,771 in Q3 2020. Among the sales, 32.9% were plug-in hybrid vehicles while 67.1% were battery electric vehicles..What do you need to accelerate to the front of the line in this fast moving industry? You need testing. Specifically, you need top-notch testing by experts who are at the forefront of the electric vehicle movement. Common tests you might need include the following:

With 28 labs in North America, we can get you on the fast track to delivering your vehicle to the market as quickly as possible. As such, you can get every type of automotive test you need to stay ahead of the competition. Speak with an automotive testing expert—and let us know how we can help accelerate your drive into the future.

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