Munitions Testing

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Insensitive Munitions

Safety and Insensitive Munitions Testing

The full set of Insensitive Munitions testing IAW MIL-STD-2105 and NATO STANAGS Safety and Insensitive Munitions (IM) series of tests on component and system level test articles. The fully instrumented test capabilities for this testing include:

  • Slow Cook-Off with variable heating rates,
  • Fast Cook-Off with multiple fuel sources,
  • Multiple caliber Bullet Impact,
  • 8300 ft/s Fragment Impact,
  • Confined and unconfined Sympathetic Detonation,
  • Shaped Charge Jet Impact,
  • 28-day and 4-day Temperature & Humidity,
  • Transportation Vibration – highway, shipboard, aircraft
  • 12 meter Drop.

In addition to its multiple open test ranges/arenas, the Camden facility has over 35,000 square feet of enclosed climatic conditioning area and facility space. This allows for sequential or simultaneous Safety series and IM testing of AA&E items. This extensive facility infrastructure allows NTS to conduct parallel projects and tests for expedient testing of multiple items

Hazard Assessment testing IAW AOP-7, TB 700-2, and UN Transport of Dangerous Goods.

This includes harmonized IM and Hazard Classification tests to the latest version of TB 700-2.

Ammunition, Weapons and Munitions Handling and Storage

NTS Camden provides AA&E handling and storage capability to support its orders and clients. The NTS Camden complex in Arkansas contains dozens of Class 1.1 rated AA&E storage magazines. These magazines are earthen-covered, igloo style bunkers complete with loading dock access. This capacity allows NTS to:

  • Receive and store weapon systems, munitions and ammunition with ample capacity to store up to or beyond 60,000 pounds of Class 1.1 ordnance.
  • Storage of explosive materials, munitions, and ammunition in DOD designed storage magazines in accordance with DOD Contractor’s Safety manual, 4145.26-M and DIS and BATF security requirements.

Camden Operations maintains the necessary licenses and permits to store and handle energetic defense technology, including:

  • ATF Type 33 License – User of High Explosives
  • ATF Type 10 License – Manufacturer of Destructive Devices
  • Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Permit
  • DOT Hazardous Material Certification
  • Arkansas Department of Health Radiation Permit (X-Ray)
  • Compliant to ISO/IEC 17025 (Quality)
  • Compliant to DoD 4145.26M Contractor Explosive Safety